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Regional Customs Transit Guarantee

The RCTG can now be used for clearing agencies to cover transit goods from or to the port of Mombasa. Clearing agencies that shall have RCTG we not be requested to have a national transit guarantee rather the RCTG shall cover any transit in and outside Rwandan territory. The integration between ReSW and IMS-RCTG has been done to insure the effective control of use of RCTG, debiting and crediting transit guarantee.

During preparation of IM8 and EX8, clearing agency that has RCTG shall capture the carnet number under box 51.


Motovehicles registration form and fee into ReSW

Starting from Monday, 21st October 2013, motovehicles registration from shall be filled electronically into electronic single window system during the declaration processing. This replaced a manual form that was to be filled by clearing agency, scanned and uploaded into the system.

Also, in order to facilitate revenue payment and collection of motovehicles, all payments for imported motovehicles are done at the same time using e-payment. This means that motovehicles registration fee that was paid separately after payment of customs duties and taxes for imported motovehicles has been integrated into customs declaration and will no longer be paid separately from other customs duties and taxes.

Entry and Exit card for foreign registered motovehicles into ReSW

Starting form Monday, 5th August 2013, new electronic Single Window module to manage Entry and Exit card for foreign registered motovehicle was implemented. Entry and Exit card module replaced the application known as Vehicle Monitoring System (TIMVS). All staff at borders are using it to issue entry/exit card for foreign registered motovehicles.

Print Confirmation of transit termination

From Tuesday 29th July 2013, a new document called “CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION” is printed automatically upon the last step of T1 validation. This document has been developed subsequent to increased transit problem whereby some trucks have been crossed the borders without validating T1. Print Confirmation of transit termination is done as follows:

• After validating T1, office of destination shall print “CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION”, Sign and stamp it. This copy shall be given to clearing agent.

• Clearing agent shall sign and stamp on this copy.

• Before RPD or any officer at exit point allows any trucks to exit, he/she shall request CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION” signed by customs officer and clearing agent. He/she will authorize the exit by signing this document.

• Signed copy of “CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION” shall kept by clearing agent.

Customs duties and taxes calculator

Any system user who has access to the system shall be able to use duties and taxes calculator to computer any taxes due accurately. Anything done by this calculator has no subsequent effect on duties and taxes assessment.

In order to access the tax calculator, you pass through to ReSW menu, Integrated Tariff, Query, Calculation and Query (then view). A tax calculator will be opened and you will need to fill some few information required. After you will press calculator button to view taxes.


E-Exemption request to be started

E-Exemption request to be started for the following ministries/agencies:

  • Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)
  • Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC)
  • Rwanda Governance Board (RGB)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI)
  • Ministry of Defense (MINADEF)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET)
  • Ministry of Internal Security (MININTER)
  • Rwandair Exemptions

No manual application of exemptions shall be accepted for the above ministries.