Print Confirmation of transit termination

By | July 29, 2013

From Tuesday 29th July 2013, a new document called “CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION” is printed automatically upon the last step of T1 validation. This document has been developed subsequent to increased transit problem whereby some trucks have been crossed the borders without validating T1. Print Confirmation of transit termination is done as follows:

• After validating T1, office of destination shall print “CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION”, Sign and stamp it. This copy shall be given to clearing agent.

• Clearing agent shall sign and stamp on this copy.

• Before RPD or any officer at exit point allows any trucks to exit, he/she shall request CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION” signed by customs officer and clearing agent. He/she will authorize the exit by signing this document.

• Signed copy of “CONFIRMATION OF TRANSIT TERMINATION” shall kept by clearing agent.