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Online Licensing of Trade Operators

This is one of the greatest achievements for the year 2015/2016. Prior to automation of this process, the licensing exercise was manually done thus operations were cumbersome, time consuming and poorly controlled. Two modules thus have been developed and implemented: Licensing of clearing agencies Automation of licensing module for clearing agencies was done and implemented… Read More »

Enhancement of export control

Initially, control of exited exported cargo was done by export release which is declaration based to make partial removal of export declaration impossible. In this regard, the new development was done to enable partial exit of a consignment to be exited hence exit note has been introduced to export declarations so as to allow partial… Read More »

Implementation electronic Phytosanitary Certificate and Import permits (RALIS)

  Since November 2015, e-Portal for Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Inspection and Certification Services (RALIS) has gone live. The official launch of the portal took place in August 2016. The portal manages online applications and processing of Phytosanitary certificate and Import permits. After a successful application process for either Phytosanitary Certificate or Import Permit, RALIS… Read More »

ReSW integration with INTERPOL

Since October 2015 the ReSW has been integrated with INTERPOL Database to trace black listed motor vehicles. The control is done at declaration level such that whenever a clearing agent tries to register an entry for the motor vehicle the system checks vis a vis the Interpol database of blacklisted vehicles. In case Customs system… Read More »

e-Certificate of origin

The development of electronic Certificate was done and implementation thereof begun on 13th June 2016. Initially, Certificate of Origin process was done manually where exporters or his/her representatives had to visit Customs offices to acquire hard copies of the certificate of origin after payment of required fees. The process added up the time and cost… Read More »

Imported agriculture products Inspection in electronic Single Window system started on 1st October 2014

Rwanda Agriculture Board has started piloting of electronic Single Window system for inspecting the agriculture products imported to Rwanda. All agriculture products subject to RAB inspection shall be authorized by RAB staff that are deployed at different border and inland Customs offices before any agriculture products are released by Customs Services Department. The inspection using… Read More »

New treatment of RBS Quality Inspection Fee (QIF) under Imports Products Conformity Assessment to Standards (IPCA)

All consignments imported or re-imported after pre-shipment inspection under IPCA shall use BOX 13 of customs declaration. Clearing agent shall select the word “IPCA” to avoid the system to compute Quality Inspection Fee. Where Customs declaration where Box No13 is not filled with the word “IPCA”, it shall be subject to RBS Destination inspection and… Read More »

Regional Customs Transit Guarantee

The RCTG can now be used for clearing agencies to cover transit goods from or to the port of Mombasa. Clearing agencies that shall have RCTG we not be requested to have a national transit guarantee rather the RCTG shall cover any transit in and outside Rwandan territory. The integration between ReSW and IMS-RCTG has… Read More »

Motovehicles registration form and fee into ReSW

Starting from Monday, 21st October 2013, motovehicles registration from shall be filled electronically into electronic single window system during the declaration processing. This replaced a manual form that was to be filled by clearing agency, scanned and uploaded into the system. Also, in order to facilitate revenue payment and collection of motovehicles, all payments for… Read More »