e-Certificate of origin

By | October 18, 2016

The development of electronic Certificate was done and implementation thereof begun on 13th June 2016. Initially, Certificate of Origin process was done manually where exporters or his/her representatives had to visit Customs offices to acquire hard copies of the certificate of origin after payment of required fees. The process added up the time and cost of trade.

The current process of e-Certificate of origin (e-CoO) provides the automated environment whereby exporters or their agents are able to submit the request online and approval by different Customs offices is also done electronically. The following preferences have been considered:
• CoO EAC Simplified
• Rwanda GSP CoO
• Movement des Marchandises (EUR.1)
• CoO Export to China
• General Rwanda CoO

The Benefit of implementing an electronic Certificate of Origin include the ” reduction of cost related to export, Reduced movement to issuing authorities and hence time saving, Reduce bureaucracy, Enhance transparency among stakeholders, Elimination of forgery certificates, Encouraging and facilitation of trade and Easy information sharing among relevant authorities”.