Online Licensing of Trade Operators

By | October 18, 2016

This is one of the greatest achievements for the year 2015/2016. Prior to automation of this process, the licensing exercise was manually done thus operations were cumbersome, time consuming and poorly controlled. Two modules thus have been developed and implemented:

Licensing of clearing agencies

Automation of licensing module for clearing agencies was done and implemented such that the licensing exercise for the year 2016 was electronically done. Clearing agencies used the new developed module to request or renew their operational license to operate in the year 2016. The process which starts with receiving applications from clearing agencies, payment of regulatory fee, analyzing records, approval and appeal management is electronically done through ReSW. The clearing agencies accounts are automatically updated upon licensing. The process has improved the licensing exercise while ensuring control to avoid any omission error for any agency to operate without a valid operational license.

Licensing of Trucks

According to Customs Management Act, Trucks carrying goods under Customs Control are licensed by Customs annually. To make the process simple and efficient, the process was automated as initially it was manual, thus administering and enforcement of requirements posed challenges. The module has been developed under ReSW system to allow transporters or their representatives to apply online for the license therefore the whole process is done through ReSW. Training of system users has been conducted in January 2016 and all borders are using this module to process all licenses for trucks

The process has enhanced control and improved revenue collection through reduction of physical intervention.