The ReSW allows online application and approval of exemption for registered investors without filling manual forms and physical movements from clearing agency, importers premises, RDB and Customs offices.


Creation of new business sector in eSW

  1. RDB shall create new business sector that is subject to investment exemptions.
  2. RDB shall provide enough description and exemptions to be applied to the created business sector.
  3. The eSW shall automatically forward to customs a request to create rules that exempt specific business sector in accordence with the law.
  4. Customs business analyst shall create taxation rules according the the instruction from RDB and in accordance with the law.
  5. eSW system shall autmatically forward the messegs to RDB, informating the creation of a new taxation rule.
  6. RDB office shall be responsible to add and update the list of companies and commodities bolonging to create investment sector.

Application for exemption

  1. Clearing agent shall prepare customs declaration and apply a valid additioanal code provided by Customs Services Department for specific investment sector.
  2. The eSW shall automatically generate e-Exemption form upon the regaistration of the declaration and the confirmation by the claring agent.
  3. The eSW shall inform by SMS or/and by mail about application made to his/her name. This will be reserved only for importers who applied to receive SMS or/and e-mail from eSW.

Exemption verification and approval

  1. RDB officer shall:
    1. receive and verify the application for exemption from clearing agency.
    2. Verify items per items to approve or reject the application.
    3. Chief operating officer or other delegated officer shall authorize or reject the exemption.
  2. Once the application is accepted, the eSW shall automatically forwad the application to RRA delegated officer to RDB in order verify the application.
  3. The RRA delegated officer to RDB shall conform or reject the application.
  4. Once the application is confirmed by RRA delegated officer to RDB, the eSW shall automatically forward the the exemption approval to clearing agent. 

Clearance of goods

  1. The clearing agent shall retrieve the e-Exemption duly authorized by RDB and RRA.
  2. The clearing agent shall retrieve the register declaration, by which the exemption is applied.
  3. Upon the assessment of the declaration, the eSW system shall apply exemption for only authorized items by RDB and RRA.
  4. The remaining procedures for payment, verification and releasing consignment shall be determined by normal customs procedures.