Arrival Notice

Transit information captured into CMS is shared by MAGERWA system in order to use that information during tally for offloaded consignment. Eventually tally report is shared back into CMS and the system automatically generates electronic arrival notice into eSW.



  1. The eSW system shall retrieve pre-defined information from eSW to be used by MAGERWA in order to avoid duplication of data capturing.
  2. MAGERWA Tally office will read the manifested information from eSW and compare them with the quantity and weigh arrived.
  3. In case of shortage and excess, MAGERWA tally officer shall report it into MAGERWA system.
  4. MAGERWA system shall send shortage and excess information into eSW and the system generate automatically the Arrival notice.
  5. Clearing agent shall view the arrival notice to further use.
  6. Customs officer shall update manifest in case manifested quantity and weight are not consistent.