Customs Management System (CMS)

The CMS is Asycuda World that captures transit information from entry borders, avail information for further cargo management and assessment of duties and taxes to pay considering different tax regimes and authorization from other agencies. Each transaction processing under eSW is transferred into CMS since such transaction cannot be completed when it is still pending or not processed by one of eSW stakeholders. After all clearance by every agencies involved, the system allows customs officers at exit point to release consignment into the system.

The following is clearance processing path that is fully management into Customs management system:


What are the improvements of Asycuda World over the Asycuda 2.7?

The following are some added benefits from the implementation of Asycuda World:

  1. Asycuda World is a web base application that can be accessible wherever you are.
  2. All modules are integrated into one document library whereas Asycuda 2.7 required users to login and log out when they wanted to use different modules.


  3. Working environment is more clear and user friendly compared the Asycuda 2.7.


  4. The system disposes more options for finding information.


  5. You may work with different document of different modules at the same time.


  6. The Asycuda World allows uploading scanned documents whereas Asycuda 2.7 required running another system called Asy Scan to upload required documents. This was not easy to consult documents related to a specific declaration.


  7. The internal mailing system is one of the tools that allows users of the system to communicate quickly and internal notifications are delivered to users quickly.


  8. The use of XML to store information made the work easier and exchange of information with other systems do too.


  9. When network connection is off due to different reasons, the system can restore the work that has been done before the system is off without losing your work.