Online Visa and Import License

Health regulation process under eSW consists of licensing companies authorized to deal in pharmaceutical products and pharmacy related equipment online. Before importing pharmaceutical products and pharmacy related equipment, a visa shall be applied and issued online by MoH. Upon the importation, an import license shall be issued before before being authorized to clear pharmaceutical products.

The Rwanda electronic Single Window system provides for Pharmacies and depots licensed by Ministry of Health an option to submit visa request electronically and receive feedback from the ministry without physical intervention. The system also manages electronic application and approval of import licenses having considered all checks requirements.

Issuing Operating license

    1. Importer or her/his representative shall apply online to MoH to be licensed as a pharmacist.
    2. All information shall be filled and required documents shall be attached.
    3. MoH shall retrieve the application and verify the authenticity and completeness of the information
    4. Once the the application is approved, MoH shall issue operation license online and the eSW shall keep the TIN of licensed company into the system.

Visa application

    1. Importer who is licensed to operate shall fill a visa application form online, complete the list and details of products to be imported and attach required documents.
    2. MoH shall verify the application, once all requirements are met, the operating license shall be issued into the eSW.
    3. Importer shall import products by which the visa was granted.

Import license

    1. Upon the arrival of the consignment, the Importer or his/her representative shall fill online application for Import license.
    2. The eSW system shall check whether the applicant has a valid visa and validate the application.
    3. The eSW system shall send the application the MoH.
    4. MoH shall verify the application, once it meet all requirements, the import license shall be issued into the system
    5. Any disapproval shall terminate the above process.
    6. Clearing agent shall attach import license to a customs declaration during the declaration of imported pharmaceutical products.