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Companies involved in international trade have regularly to prepare and submit some information and documents to government authorities to comply with import, export and transit-related regulatory requirements. the importers or their brokers moving from one agency to another and most of the time, once one step is completed, the information is not received not time. The implementation of Electronic Single Window is expected to solve this problem whereby trade related information and/or documents required will only be submitted once at a single entry point. The system will allow traders to lodge information with a single web-based portal to fulfil all import or export related regulatory requirements.

ESW project aims to facilitate international trade by expediting and simplifying information flows between trade and government institutions dealing with all kind of controls required to imported goods. However the following are specific objectives of the project:

  • Simplify cross border trade to enhance the trade competitiveness through improvements to trade logistics systems and processes.
  • Enhance information exchange and sharing amongst customs, stakeholders and importers.
  • Provide real time monitoring of consignment by importing community and government institutions.
  • Computerize international trade regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce cost of doing business.
  • Strengthening transparency and reduction of corruption.

This will enhance the availability and handling of information, expedite and simplify information flows between trade and government and can result in a greater harmonization and sharing of the relevant data across governmental systems, bringing meaningful gains to all parties involved in cross-border trade.

The Single Window will be therefore a practical application of trade facilitation concepts meant to reduce non-tariff trade barriers and delivers immediate benefits to all members of the trading community and government as well. For Governments; ESW will improve integrity, transperance, levels of security and increased revenue yields with enhanced trader compliance. Trading communities will benefit from transparent and predictable interpretation and application of rules, receiving real time information and better deployment of human and financial resources, resulting in appreciable gains in productivity and competitiveness.

The Rwanda eSW requires Java (JRE) 1.8, and we recommended Java (JRE) 1.8u201 to be installed. Make sure to uninstall older Java versions in order to use eSW without problems.

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